Ben Ko

Ben Ko

Athens, OH

Genres:  FolkIndieSinger-SongwriterAcoustic


Writing, Arranging, Tracking, and Mixing: Ben Ko Producers: Ben Ko, Charles Kossivi Drums: Allan Kisner Violins: KayCee Uchi Galano Choir: Tasha Attaway, Jowen Ko, Adrianna Mauzy, Tianhao Zhu, Ben Ko, Shang Ko

When I was growing up in New Mexico, I learned to play recorders in my family quartet. When I was living in Portland, I discovered the beauty of conversation with God through improvisation on the piano. When I was working in Taiwan, I saw the pain of our current reality that can only be expressed in heart language, and I wrote. Songs. When I sojourned in Knoxville, I caught the life, disciplines, and manners of a industry musician. When I moved to Athens, I studied music therapy and found new ways to pursue hope, connection, and empowerment in the field of music.

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