Ben Barnett

Ben Barnett

West Coast

Genres:  PunkIndieRockAcoustic

Ben started learning Anthrax riffs when he was eight. From there his love of guitar has led him into almost every style of music there is to explore. Having done over 70 U.S. tours in a number of indie / rock / alternative outfits, (Most notably Kind Of Like Spitting, Blunt Mechanic) Ben has been grinding away on one project or another for over three decades and wouldn't have it any other way. Besides being in a number of bands, being a teacher for over a decade and having a back catalog of over 260 songs, Ben has also produced co/written a number of releases for other bands. Grey Gordon's No Sleep Records release (Forget I Brought It Up), Lee Corey Oswalds Split 12" with Three Man Cannon, Special Explosion (Top Shelf) The Globes (Barsuk), Wake Up (Decade records) and Arrow Of Light.

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