Baritone Man

Baritone Man

Bass Clef

Genres:  Hip-HopClassicalComedic JinglesPop Rock

All That She Wants

Ace of Base - Baritone Man

Stolen From Some Great Writer

Spitalfield - Baritone Man

Faster than a speeding bullet. Stronger than 50 billion men. Can hurdle small children in a single bound. Drinks more than The Famous Graus. That man is... BARITONE MAN. A spectacular display of singing that is neither too low nor too high, Baritone Man covers all your favorite songs in his favorite vocal range! With smash hits such as Destiny's Child, Billy Joel, Spitalfield, Alanis Morissette, and Sean Paul-- Baritone Man truly sings some of the greatest songs of our time.

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