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Genres:  IndiePopRock

West of Main

West of Main is on Modus Aurora's full length, The Ghosts Inside of Us.

Until Our Lungs Collapse

This song is an un-released song from Modus Aurora.

Troy Sennett and Katie Steel are musicians from Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. They have been playing together for six years, most recently in the indie rock band Modus Aurora. Katie's mom used to say she was humming and singing before she said her first word. She started her musical training in choirs and moved on to singing in bands in high school. She met Troy at an early stage in her musical career and he was always around in a supportive and active role - assisting with booking shows as well as playing them with her. Troy is a self-taught guitarist who always looks like he is having the most fun out of anyone on stage. He is constantly supporting musicians of all popularity and caliber because he understands they are driven by the same force he is - music. Troy asked Katie to be in a new band he was forming when they were in college and they two have no stopped supporting each other since then. Since graduating college, both Katie and Troy have moved to Chicago and continued playing in a variety of musical outlets. They have started working on building their own record label, Mill Creek Records, to release music they feel passionate about. With influences ranging from punk to classical, the duo's songwriting can span a wide range of genres and themes, but it is always genuine and heartfelt. We would love to take a memory and make it into song you will remember forever!

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