Archie Powell

Archie Powell

Chicago, IL

Genres:  GarageIndieAlternativePop Rock

Everything's Fucked

This is about as gnarly as I get. This is also the highest production level for all you Donald Trumps out there.

I Guess It's Fine

This is me getting a little cozier with you on a home recording. This is boiler plate production quality; everyone can expect their order to adhere to at least this level of fidelity. I also promise that your order won't sound this much like the Goo Goo Dolls. Unless that's the assignment, I guess.

Our band is originally from Madison, WI but we've been a Chicago outfit since the summer of 2009. Check out our bandcamp page to hear our entire recorded output if you'd like to familiarize yourself with our vibe and overall range.

As a songwriter, I specialize in making bummer situations sound like a raging hootenanny in your idiot friend's basement. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): love (obsessive), love (unrequited), love (lost), unemployment, underemployment, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and Jeppson's Malört.

I might be able to pull off something happy for you as well, but I can't make any promises since I rarely attempt that in my work (and in fact have really only pulled it off once in my 10+ years of songwriting). I do appreciate a challenge, however.

Oh, and if you want something silly like a jingle for a fictional bubblegum brand or something I'll definitely knock that shit outta the park. Let's get weird.

Let Archie Powell Write You a Song!

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