Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson

Birmingham, AL

Genres:  EmoRockIndieSinger-Songwriter

I started writing and performing music as a kid in Montgomery, AL where I met Casey Prestwood who would become the guitar player for Hot Rod Circuit. After going as far as we could in Alabama the band made the move to Connecticut to try our luck on the east coast. It was here that we met our booking agent Andrew Ellis who is still with us today. After working with Ellis, he introduced us to Fred Feldman from Triple Crown Records, and we were quickly signed. We released an Ep, two full lengths, and a B-side record with Triple Crown and began to grow a following. We had the opportunity to tour with bands such as The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, At the Drive In, Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day, and Dashboard Confessional to name a few. Our next move was to sign with Vagrant where we released two more full length records, including Sorry About Tomorrow which was the album that put us on the map. Our last release was with Immortal Records. Hot Rod Circuit disbanded in 2007, but now, in 2015, we are writing a new record and have festivals and shows lined up. During the Hot Rod Circuit break I released an album under the name Death in the Park on End Sounds Records. Also during the Hot Rod Circuit hiatus I joined a band called Terrible Things with Fred Mascherino from Taking Back Sunday and Josh Eppard from Coheed and Cambria. We released a self-titled record on Motown Universal in 2010.

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