Alexei Berrow

Alexei Berrow

Birmingham/London UK

Genres:  EmoPunkAcousticAlternative

Hi my name is Alexei. and when I'm not spending way too much time deciding whether to click -emo- on self describing forms, I write songs. Like, obsessively.

I sing and play guitar in a 10 year old noisy english rock band called Johnny Foreigner, an even noisier rock band called Yr Poetry, and play really quiet music under the name Yr Friends. My first album as a songwriter won the DiS Pluto Prize and the latest got a 7.8 on Pitchfork. Which is a lol because I told my friends if it was less than an 8 I'd quit music forever but honestly idk what else I can do.


I'm totally going to click -emo-.

Anyway, I have way more ideas and unused bits of music than like, actual Things to write songs about. Downwrite seems like a sweet way for me to vampire emotions and events from yr life and make you something unique and special in return. Also, like all artists I won't feel truly validated until I can afford a speedboat, and I'm kinda off track with that.

I'm really bad at self promotion. A lot of people who I think are waaaay better at songwritering than me have said real nice things about my songs, and I'm literally competing with some of them here. But I still secretly hope you pick me and we can make an awesome song.

K I AM TOTALLY CLICKING EMO even tho the boxes I picked makes me look like the worst basement show opening asymmetrical fringed white guy ever. Just so you know, I've worn this fringe since before all of those boys. To offset this I am uploading a picture of me with a parrot in Dubrovnik, which is where I plan to moor my speedboat. Let us do a music together xo


Like everything else I've written in the last 5 years, yr jawn will be recorded at Candyland, our band's practice space in Birmingham UK. We're next door to GBH, so, y'know, bonus legendary punk overspill potential

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