Alexander Paul Grippo

Alexander Paul Grippo

New Jersey

Genres:  RockAcousticVideo Game MusicPunk

Arm The Machine

An intense song of hope for my biggest supporter yet, recorded and mixed at Backroom Studios, New Jersey.

Looking forward to working with interesting people who want interesting songs!

Let Alexander Paul Grippo Write You a Song!

  • Just a short little jingle for you or someone you like (or dislike).
  • I'll put together a quick track from home, from 45 seconds to over 1 minute long, of guitar, vocals, and harmonies if they fit well.
  • I'll put together a quick track from home, from 1 minute and 15 seconds to over 2 minute long, of guitar, vocals, and harmonies. 2 verses usually works better if you really have something to say.
  • I'll put together a full track from home, from 2 minutes to over 3 minutes long, of guitar, vocals, possibly bass and percussion if the track calls for it. Great as a gift or sending a message to someone special. Lots of room for vocals, maybe a bridge or guitar solo if it fits the feel of the song.
  • An entire song, written and performed by me, to be recorded at one of several studios I work with (based on time and scheduling). Expect the song to be anywhere from 2 minutes 30 seconds to over 4 minutes long. I will record drums, bass, guitar(s), vocals, harmonies, and possibly more depending on the song.